Designing for the Experience





Sally Augustin, PhD, Practicing Environmental/Design Psychologist

and Principal at Design With Science


Extensive experience integrating insights—drawn from environmental/design

psychology, other social/physical sciences, and project-​specific research—to

develop recommendations for the design of places, objects, and services that

support desired cognitive, emotional, and physical experiences. Sally’s clients

include manufacturers, service providers, and design firms in North America,

Europe, and Asia.  Dr. Augustin, who is a Fellow of the American Psychological

Association, is also the editor of Research Design Connections, where she

has written widely on science-​based design for a broad audience of people

interested in the designed world.  









Jim “Gus” Gustafson, Ph.D. is currently the EVP & Chief Culture Officer

for Carter, Inc.


The preeminent provider of consulting and management services in the

relocation across numerous market sectors – as well as the Leadership

Scholar-​in-​Residence and Director of Executive Education for the Center for

Values-​Driven Leadership at Benedictine University. He is a past Chair of the Business

Leadership Division of the International Leadership Association, former Editor-​in-​Chief

of the Organization Development Journal, currently serves on the Editorial Boards

of the Journal of Leadership Studies and the International Journal of

Servant-​Leadership, and was the 2010, 2011 & 2012 recipient of the prestigious

Global Strategic Leader Award given by the World HRD Congress.










Nancy Harris, Focused on Leadership Coaching, Talent Strategy and Workplace


Nancy is a respected Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator with extensive experience in

disrupting the H.R. status quo. She helps leaders uncover talent opportunities that will

deliver long-​lasting, impactful business results. Nancy is the co-​founder of DisruptHR

Chicago, on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Society for Human Resource

Management and have been a guest Nancy is lecturer at the University of Southern

California Marshall School of Business.









Karl Heitman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Founder and President of

Heitman Architects / Heitman Technologies


An architect with an established national practice centered in the

corporate industrial market, Mr. Heitman uses emerging technologies

to bridge the gap between traditional CRE landlord and tenant service silos.

Over the past 20 years working from both sides of the table, his firm is now

looking beyond a single project delivery; to strategic real estate planning

across broader global facility enterprise networks. His extensive experience

in the industrial market provides a fresh look at workplace performance

metrics and actual operational efficiencies.


Heitman Architects’ sustainability practice has completed over 8 million

square feet of LEED Certified facilities and were just recently awarded the

CoreNet Global 2016 Sustainable Leadership Award for Method Soap, the first

LEED Platinum manufacturing facility. Mr. Heitman is a frequent speaker

regarding emerging trends in Industrial Facility Planning, Virtual3D Technologies,

and Sustainability. Mr. Heitman holds a BArch from The University of Houston

and serves as a Technology Advisor at the IIT College of Architecture.









Chris Hood, Managing Director and Platform Lead for Occupancy

Services within CBREs Global Corporate Solution


As a student of Alternate Workplace Strategies for over 34 years,

he shares his knowledge, experience and thought leadership with his clients,

teammates and his industry.


Chris has built a reputation for delivering what others spend time talking

about: large-​scale workplace transformation; implementing quickly, globally

and boldly. Previously, Chris directed the design activity of

Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Global Workplace Initiative—a company-​wide initiative

targeted to reduce office space by 50% while, at the same time creating a

productive and engaging workplace.


Chris was a past winner of Corenet’s Global Innovation Award, was a founder

and leader of their Workplace Community, and has spoken at Industry Conferences

across the world winning multiple Luminary Awards in the process.










Milos Jovanovic, CEO/Founder of SpaceView


He is focused on refining the relationship between digital environments

and the physical world.  Prior to founding SpaceView, visualization company,

he started his career as an architectural designer and has been a part of several

award winning projects.  He had a desire to merge high design with performance

and has done pioneering work in the building energy efficiency field.  As an

architect he's been working with spatial visualization all of his career.  He wanted

to bring the functionality of visualization to the masses by making the interaction

quick and easy.






Phillip Kellof, CBRE, Inc., Managing Director


Phil Kelloff is the Americas Leader of Portfolio Services for CBRE.
Phil works extensively with CBRE corporate service account teams
and occupier brokerage professionals to provide clients with superior
management, interpretation and reporting of real estate portfolio data. Phil
leads a team of professionals to provide global business development support,
delivery model solutioning, setup of new accounts, diagnostics and refreshes
for existing accounts, risk mitigation strategies, selection of technology solutions
and more. Phil and his team deploy a comprehensive set of best practices for
achieving operational excellence in the delivery of lease administration, data
management, analytical data interpretation and reporting, finance management
and other components of our Portfolio Services line of business.


Prior to his current role, Phil was the Transaction Management Platform
Director within CBRE’s Global Corporate Services division over a ten year period.
Prior to joining CBRE, Phil was with Bank of America as a Senior Vice President
of Corporate Real Estate, based in San Francisco.



Arnold Craig Levin, Principal, Workplace Strategies, Smith Group JJR

Arnold brings over 45 years of experience in workplace strategy, design and
research resulting in client business driven solutions. A strong believer that
design strategy can result in workplace solutions enabling a client’s business
performance, he has developed frameworks and methodologies that connect
workplace design solutions to a client’s intrinsic organizational design. “The
workplace has the potential to serve as a true catalyst for organizational performance
when developed through the right lens.”  With an undergraduate degree in design
and two graduate degrees in business, Arnold has worked with clients in the U.S.,
Europe and Asia spanning diverse industries such as corporate, health care and
science.  As Principal, Workplace Strategies at Smith Group JJR, Arnold is
responsible for developing firm wide design strategy initiatives that both focus
on business case driven design solutions and bringing together firm wide practice
areas to provide innovative workplace solutions across market sectors.

Ragnar Lifthrasir, President, International Bitcoin Real Estate



Ragnar Lifthrasir is an entrepreneur, advisor, and public speaker in the

application of Bitcoin / blockchain to real estate. In 2013, he founded the

non-​profit Blockchain Real Estate Association which has grown to over

700 members across 15 countries. Ragnar has 10 years of real estate

experience including development, title insurance, and investing.









Melissa Marsh, Founder & CEO Plastarc, Inc.

With a background in social science and a Master of Architecture from MIT,

Melissa defined an early career in workplace innovation with projects in

design, architecture and master planning around the world. Melissa and

her team have worked with international clients on the forefront of leveraging

workplace to inform corporate culture, employee experience, and business

strategy. Melissa has contributed to courses for CoreNet and Worktech,

spearheaded international learning and technology initiatives, and lectured

at UVA, Cornell and MIT’s Sloan School of Management.


PLASTARC, a social research, workplace innovation, and real estate strategy

firm dedicated to shifting the metrics associated with workplace from 'square f

eet and inches', to 'occupant satisfaction and performance.' PLASTARC employs

people analytics, building information systems, and a variety of creative methods

to enable environments that enhance knowledge, accelerate business and enrich








Chris McGoff, Founder and Chairman of The Clearing, Inc.


An executive coach and strategist around culture -​ how to set it

intentionally and how to "hack" it.  Applies insights and principles

derived from his roles as an entrepreneur, technologist, author and

strategic advisor to policy-​makers and business leaders. Through

his work and research, Chris has developed a comprehensive approach

to helping organizations drive consensus and solve problems of

consequence, those involving the highest levels of stakeholder and  

technological complexity. Prior to founding his first company, he designed

and built IBM’s Decision Support Center and initiated the commercialization

of work group technology there. Mr. McGoff has a B.S. in Biochemistry from

the University of Scranton and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from

Texas Tech University. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the

University of Maryland Graduate School of Public Policy.









Jim Ware, PhD, is a professional speaker, a workplace futurist, and a
meeting design strategist. A former Harvard Business School professor,
he has focused his entire career on understanding what organizations must
do to thrive in a rapidly changing world – and enabling them to succeed.

Jim is the founder and executive director of The Future of Work…unlimited,
a research and advisory firm, and the global research director for Occupiers
Journal Ltd., publisher of Work & Place. He has co-​authored several books
and research reports about the digital economy and its implications for leadership
and organizational performance. His most recent book is Making Meetings
Matter: How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age
(Indie Books International, 2016).

Jim holds PhD, M.A., and B.Sc. degrees from Cornell University and an
MBA (With Distinction) from the Harvard Business School. He is the immediate
past president of IFMA’s Corporate Real Estate Council and an active member of
the National Speakers Association and the Association for Strategic Planning.
He lives and works in northern California.